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Annual General Meeting – September 9, 2015

Our SCA annual general meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 9 at 7 pm at Circle Drive Alliance Church. Topics of the meeting include a review of 2014-15, an overall financial update and new member elections.

Remember, SCA is a group made up of members of our community volunteering their time to make Stonebridge a great place to live. If you are able provide a few hours a month, have great ideas and want to have fun, please join us at our AGM to find out more about being on our executive.

AGM agenda

0.0  Call to order
1.0   Approval of minutes from 3 September 2014 AGM
2.0   Business arising from the last SCA AGM
3.0   From the city – Lisa Thibodeau
4.0   Presentation of financial statements for approval
5.0   Presentation of 2015-16 SCA budget for approval
6.0   Year-end reports of the board members
7.0   New business
8.0   Other business
9.0   Election of 2015-16 board
10.0 Announcements
11.0  Adjournment