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Social Media

To get the latest information on our community, please join us on Facebook. We ask that all our Facebook followers please abide by the SCA social media guidelines outlined below.

Social Media Guidelines

The Stonebridge Community Association appreciates the ability to connect with members of our community through social media. The purpose of our presence on social media is to:

  • Keep the community informed of key happenings in Stonebridge.
  • Promote events, programs and activities run by the community association or in partnership with the community association.
  • Provide opportunities for the community association and members of the community to engage in conversation.
  • Recognize our community members and community supporters.

To ensure our social media sites represent the values we as a community association feel are important, we ask those who engage with us on social media do so in a positive and respectful manner. Below you will find guidelines the community association follows in managing our social media sites. Please always refer to our website for the most up-to-date guidelines.

The Stonebridge Community Association reserves the right to remove any comments/posts that:

  • Include offensive, abusive or inappropriate language or graphics;
  • Speak negatively about members of the community or our volunteers;
  • Solicit negative comments/reaction;
  • Include copyright material without appropriate recognition of the source;
  • Are for the sole purpose of promoting a personal belief or airing a personal grievance (see below);
  • Promote a business (except as outlined below).

Any individuals deemed to not be acting in accordance with the above may be removed without notice.

The Stonebridge Community Association appreciates the support of businesses in the community, but, as a non-profit representing all members of our community, we have made the decision to only recognize businesses under the following circumstances:

  • Promotion of events that are held in partnership with the community association.
  • Recognition of a business that has supported an event the community association is hosting.

In these instances, the community association will work with the business to determine what will be posted.

For businesses wishing to advertise to members of our community, we encourage you to look at opportunities to advertise in our community newsletter.  For more information on advertising, please contact our Newsletter Coordinator.

If you have a grievance you think the community association should be aware of or involved in, we ask that you please contact us by private message or by email to discuss options for dealing with this concern.

If you have any questions or concerns about our social media guidelines, please email

Social Media Groups

Stonebridge has many active social media groups. These groups are not associated or mantained by the community association.

Stonebridge Buy & Sell

Stonebridge Parents

Stonebridge Neighbourhood Watch!

Stonebridge Saskatoon Community Forum