SUM Theatre – Stonebridge – Aug 2 @ 2PM

TURN, TURN, TURN… a travelling theatre experience! 

July 28 – Aug 16, 2020

SUM has been producing innovative summer theatre experiences for the entire family since 2013. We do our best to reflect the state of the world as we see it, as our children might see it. When we started putting together this year’s show, the world was pretty much upside down. Day by day, we have watched our city opening back up safely and thoughtfully. We’re happy to have come up with a “show” that responds in a fun and accessible way, and that keeps everyone’s safety at the top of the list! 

Because it is not safe for you to come out and see us in the park this year, we’ve decided to bring the show to you! We will be in each neighbourhood for approximately 45 minutes travelling by foot on the street. We’re inviting you and your families to venture out into your very own neighbourhood. Along the way, you just might run into our talented troupe of diverse performers! There’ll be music, large puppets, wonderful creatures, and all the same fun you’ve come to expect from a SUM experience! We apologize that we cannot give you more specific information. As part of our adherence to the public health guidelines, we cannot encourage gathering. 

What IS a travelling theatre experience? 

Our show this year is made up of a zillion wonderful moments looping in succession; telling a story of healing and helping, of friendship and love. From where you sit, you might get to see the whole “show”, or you may just catch a glimpse. Either way, we promise to make it magical! We are grateful to be welcomed into your communities once again, and can’t wait to spread some whimsy and creative energy along the way, even if it has to look a little different this year! 


We trust that our audiences know and understand how to take care of themselves. This year we ask you to really focus on taking care of each other. If you do run into us in your neighbourhood, please find a safe spot to enjoy our little show as it rolls by. We need to maintain a safe distance (2 metres or more) between our audience and our performers. To enjoy the show safely and responsibly, you will need to keep a safe distance (2 metres or more) from any other audience members you meet while out and about.  We’ve got marshals to help out if anyone gets too close. We’re inviting all audience members, who feel comfortable doing so, to put on their face masks as we approach. 

Calling all Stonebridge businesses

To valued Stonebridge businesses,

The Stonebridge Community Association continues to fundraise in order to construct a high-quality rink for residents to enjoy. The Association has a goal to begin construction in 2020 with the rink completion forecasted in 2021. Stonebridge is the most populated neighbourhood in the city of Saskatoon and we are hoping to construct a rink that can be used and enjoyed year-round.

We are in the midst of planning our biggest fundraising pursuit to date. On March 28, 2020, the Stonebridge Community Association will be hosting a premier Casino Night with all proceeds going directly to the funding of the rink. We are reaching out to businesses who may be interested in sponsorship opportunities and who may be interested in ongoing partnerships in the future.

W are proposing a two-tier sponsorship system for the Casino Night which is outlined below:

Donation of $1000
You will receive 4 tickets to the event ($200 value). Business signage will be displayed at a wheel game during the Casino Night (5 spots available).

Donation of $500
You will receive 2 tickets to the event ($100 value).Business signage will be displayed at a Blackjack table during the Casino Night (5 spots available).
We will be awarding prizes to “buy” with the money won at the games, as well as hosting a silent auction during the Casino Night and are also looking for prize donations. If you have an item or service that you would like auctioned or awarded, please be in touch and will be make arrangements.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for our event, or if you would like to know more details of how to get involved with our rink project, please contact the Rink Coordinators: Brahm Enslin at (306) 261-5445 or; or William Kuchapski at (306) 262-1949 or

We look forward to hearing from you!

Stonebridge Community Association

SCA Holiday Gathering

Join us for a FREE holiday gathering and winter fun courtesy of your friendly neighborhood Stonebridge Community Association. Come to Alex MacGillivray park on Saturday, December 21 for horse & carriage rides (from 1:30-3:30), tobogganing (weather permitting), and hot drinks.