Rink Update:

The City of Saskatoon will be constructing an amenity building that will double as the rink shack and the rink’s water supply, but its construction has now been postponed until the spring of 2022. Because the construction and functionality of the rink depends on it, the construction of the rink has also been delayed until Spring 2022.  This is unfortunate but also presents new opportunities as we will continue to look for partnerships, sponsorships, donations and/or volunteers from not only residents but businesses within Stonebridge to make this rink a true community build.  


Through the fall and winter we will be continuing to pursue fundraising opportunities for the rink. If you own or work for a (preferably Stonebridge-based) business or want to be involved in the construction of the rink by sponsoring, partnering or donating either in-kind or financially, we have an extended window to make an impact and build the best possible rink for our neighbourhood. 

Welcome to the Stonebridge Community Association!

Stonebridge is located in south-central Saskatoon with convenient access to Circle Drive, Clarence Avenue and Highway 11.  The community also has an open space system that integrates more than 208 acres of park, perimeter buffer and ponds/wetlands. The community also offers an abundance of amenities including shopping, services, and restaurants.

About Us

The role of the Stonebridge Community Association is to:

  • Promote, develop and organize recreational, educational and social programs for the residents of Stonebridge;
  • Promote and assist in the general welfare, quality of life and environmental sustainability for the residents of Stonebridge;
  • Raise funds for carrying out and furthering the association’s objectives;
  • Promote community involvement in the association;
  • Work in cooperation with the City of Saskatoon Community Services department, both Saskatoon Boards of Education, Dundee Development and in conjunction with other organizations with similar aims and objectives, to achieve the association’s objectives;
  • Provide a vehicle through which the residents of the neighbourhood can take part in the planning and development of Stonebridge parks and neighbourhood.