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2023 Fall Programming

Here’s a listing of what the Stonebridge Community Association will be offering this Fall.

Registration period for 2023 fall programming will run from Monday, August 21st, 2023 at 8:00am to Monday, September 4th, 2023 at 11:00pm. Late registration requests will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, and there are no guarantees on securing a spot in a program. A fee of $15 will apply to registrations after the period listed above. Please email the SCA Program Coordinator with any inquiries.

A non-refundable membership fee of $10 per family per year is required to participate in programs and must be purchased or presented at the time of program sign-up (memberships expire each year on July 31st). Memberships can be purchased here. *We do honour other community’s memberships; Email us if you have an active membership from another community association.


Registration will strictly be online and there will be no in-person payment drop-off, so if you require assistance, please email

A $15.00 administration fee will be assessed for all refund requests. Refunds cannot be issued after the first session of the program you registered for has begun.


The babysitting course, refreshed and revised, now has a greater emphasis on First Aid skills. The Canadian Red Cross Babysitting course covers everything from managing difficult behaviours to essential content on leadership and professional conduct as a babysitter. Babysitting promises to deepen and enhance the responsibility that older youth feel when caring for younger children. This updated curriculum, complete with new science, also provides improved learning when it comes to giving the appropriate care in the event of an emergency. Aimed at children 11* – 16 years old and interested in taking responsibility for younger children.
**Please note this course consists of 3 x 2.5 hour sessions to obtain the required certification.

Mondays 6:00pm-8:30pm
Dates: October 16, 23 & 30
Location: Community Association Room, Chief Whitecap School
Cost: $70

Real-world scenarios often call on children to respond to challenges. The Stay Safe! program teaches applicable and age-appropriate skills, while increasing and reinforcing a youth’s capacity to improve their own safety. Whether in their community or on their own, this group will be given better tools to Stay Safe! in a variety of different situations. Aimed at children 9 – 13 years old who are preparing to be able to stay safe at home on their own.
**Please note this course consists of 2 x 2.5 hour sessions to obtain the required certification.

Mondays 6:00pm-8:30pm
Dates: November 20 & 27
Location: Community Association Room, Chief Whitecap School
Cost: $50

Do you like to sketch, draw, and paint? One important skill that every aspiring artist should develop is drawing from a reference. Breaking an image or an object down into its fundamental shapes, getting those down on paper, and adding details in the right place is a super handy artistic skill that anybody can learn and every artist utilizes. So, whether you want to create works of art in a realistic style, or you simply want to make the drawings that spring from your imagination look more grounded, this class will give you plenty of opportunity to learn to draw from reference images and objects, and practice getting those pictures looking pristine!
**Each student should bring their own: Sketchbook (at least 8.5×11 — the thicker, the better), pencils, erasers, markers (brush tip preferred), pencil crayons, and sharpies.

Tuesdays 6:15pm-7:00pm (Ages 6-8); 7:10-7:55pm (Ages 9-12)
Dates: October 3 to November 28 (No session October 31)
Location: Community Association Room, Chief Whitecap School
Cost: $50

INTRO TO KARATE (Offered by Midwest Karate)
You will be introduced to the fundamentals of Traditional Karate Punching / Blocking Kicking / StancesKata (the encyclopedia of Traditional Karate) and basic Kumite (sparring), all of which are required for your first belt evaluation.

Thursdays 6:45pm-7:45pm (Ages 7-8); 7:45pm-8:45pm (Ages 9-14)
Dates: October 5 to November 30 (No session November 9)
Location: Multi-purpose Room, Chief Whitecap School
Cost: $75

Do you like making comics? Whether you’ve made comics since you were 6 or you’re just starting to get into it, “Let’s Make COMICS!” is the class for anybody interested in making comics.  Coming up on Friday nights for 8 sessions, join cartoonist Rob Shauf as he teaches the basics of writing and drawing comic strips, comic books, and telling stories through comics.  We’ll cultivate creativity together by playing some art games, working through some writing exercises, and working on our comics. Maybe you just wanna make comics that make your friends laugh, or maybe you’ve got a story you want to tell the world. Comics can do all of that and more!
**You’ll need to bring a sketchbook with lots of blank pages, sharpened pencils, erasers, fine and ultra fine point sharpies, as well as pencil crayons.

Fridays 6:15pm-7:00pm (Ages 8-14)
Dates: October 13 to December 8 (No session November 10)
Location: Community Association Room, Chief Whitecap School
Cost: $50


These Yoga classes will be a combination of breathing exercises and progressive regimen of exercises with a focus on correct alignment and posture. This course will cater to all levels of Yoga practitioners. The design of the class and instructions shall endeavour to: Enhancing strength of the core; Attaining balance of the body; Increasing flexibility; Calming the mind; and Weight loss management.
*Please bring a mat.

Tuesdays 7:00pm – 8:00pm
Dates: October 3 to December 5 (No session October 31 & November 7)
Location: Multi-Purpose Room, Chief Whitecap School
Cost: $70

In this full-body, bootcamp style class, we will be targeting every major muscle group to tone up, as well as pushing our cardio to burn mega calories. Brittany, a local resident to Stonebridge, has been a trainer for 7+ years now, and loves ensuring everyone leaves feeling strong and sweaty! With this combination class of strength and endurance training, you will be sure to feel the burn! With modifications available for all fitness level, we welcome all to come and experience a bootcamp.
*Please bring a mat. 

Wednesdays 7:00pm – 8:00pm
Dates: October 4 to December 6 (No session October 18 & November 15)
Instructor: Brittany Hanson
Location: Multi-Purpose Room, Chief Whitecap School
Cost: $70

Zumba is an energizing dance-fitness workout class incorporating Latin and various styles and genres of music. Often called exercise in disguise as it’s lots of fun! This class is being taught my local Stonebridge resident, Angela Achtemichukwho has been instructing Zumba for the past 5 years and dance classes for the past 10. Her classes incorporate various Latin dance styles such as Salsa, Cumbia, Reggaeton as well as Jazz and Hip Hop!  She uses Latin and World music and incorporates other genres such as Pop, and songs from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s (her fave genre is 90’s R&B!).  She loves the feeling of freedom that comes from movement and hopes students will feel that too and the joy that comes from dance and expressing yourself.

Angela loves taking and teaching group classes not only for the workout but the sense of community (not to mention the laughs!)  Her classes are for all levels of experience.  She has lived in Stonebridge with her husband and son for almost 11 years and is excited to teach in this wonderful community for the first time! 

Fridays 7:00pm – 8:00pm
Dates: October 13 to December 15 (No session October 27 & November 10)
Instructor: Angela Achtemichuk
Location: Multi-Purpose Room, Chief Whitecap School
Cost: $70


Courts and birdies provided – no scheduled games – just come along, singly or in pairs/groups and arrange a game with other participants. Must be 18+ to register.

Mondays 8:00pm – 10:00pm
Dates: October 2 to December 5 (No sessions October 9 & November 13)
Location: Multi-Purpose Room, Chief Whitecap School
Cost: $25 per participant