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2019 Spring Outdoor Soccer

U5 to U9 Stonebridge Soccer Registration

Outdoor Season, May 1st -June 27th, 2019

Registration will be online Feb 25th to March 8th

What are the age groups, prices, and nights of play?

Note that Saskatoon Youth Soccer Inc (SYSI) schedules the games for U5-U9, and Stonebridge CA does not have control over the schedule.

Outdoor Age Groups:

  • Under 4 —- Born 2015 & 2016 (Kinder Soccer – click here)
  • Under 5 —- Born 2014
  • Under 7 —- Born 2012 & 2013
  • Under 9 —- Born 2010 & 2011

Outdoor Season Info:

  • Kinder soccer: click here
  • Under-5: Coed (3v3): May 1 to end of June: 8 games on Mondays & Tuesdays with the possibility of some Fridays on lined natural grass City of Saskatoon green spaces.
    • Cost:$65
  • Under-7:  (4v4 incl. keeper): May 1 to end of June: 8 games on Wednesdays & Thursdays with the possibility of some Fridays on lined natural grass City of Saskatoon green spaces.
    • Cost:$75
  • Under-9:  (5v5 incl. keeper): May 1 to end of June: 8 games on Mondays & Tuesdays with the possibility of some Fridays on lined natural grass City of Saskatoon green spaces.
    • Cost:$85

Nights of play and number of players in games are subject to change.  Any practices will be at the discretion of the team’s coach and will be scheduled by the coach.

Mini FOS tournament (U5 to U9 teams): June 7-9 at SaskTel Sports Centre
Tim Hortons Jamboree (U5 & U7 only): Sun, June 23rd at SaskTel Sports Centre

When is soccer registration for Stonebridge Community Association?

February 25, 2018 to March 8, 2019

How do I register?

Under-5 to Under-9 registration is on the Stonebridge Goalline page, here (registration form will be activated February 25th)

Kinder Soccer registration is on our SI Play website, here

Why the switch to GoalLine for U5 to U9?

The Saskatchewan Soccer Association is requiring that all players and team personnel must be registered through the SSA’s GoalLine system.   Rather than get all the players and team personnel (coaches) to register twice, the SCA has decided to migrate U5 to U9 soccer registration to the GoalLine system.  Kinder soccer is not administered through the SSA, so that registration is still handled on our SI Play site.

How do I pay for soccer?

Paying online is strongly encouraged.  We will have an in-person payment night onMarch 12th from 6:45 to 7:45 pm at the Community Resource room in the Chief Whitecap / St Kateri Tekakwitha Catholic school building.

Payment must be received by March 13that 4:00 pm.  Late payment is subject to a $15 late payment fee, or may result in losing your child’s name and place on the team.

What is Saskatoon Youth Soccer’s role?

SYS is a Member Organization of Saskatchewan Soccer Association and represents registered Community Association and member Zone Association soccer players and team personnel in the Saskatoon region.

SYS accepts team registrations from Community Associations, Zone Associations, and Out-of-District areas. SYS handles the creation of league schedules, development of rules and programs, and provision of coach certification clinics. SYS also ensures all associations provide detailed team rosters and ensures all players and coaches are registered with the provincial association.

Will the teams be co-ed or will there be a boys/girls team only?

The SYSI leagues are COED for U5, and BOYS/GIRLS for U7 and U9.  Girls are permitted to play in the boys league.

If we do not get enough players to form a team at all for a particular division, we will be in contact with other nearby community associations to try to find spots for the registered players.

What equipment do I need?

An official “soccer kit” includes a jersey, shorts, socks and shin-guards.  Players may wear running shoes or cleats for footwear.  Team jerseys will be provided to wear during the games; U5 and U7 jerseys are provided by Tim Hortons and therefore will belong to the player forever, but U9 teams will return their jerseys to the coach at the end of the season.  Players are responsible for their own shorts, socks, shin-guards and footwear.

Can I coach? What training do I need to coach?

Yes! We are always in need of coaches.  In fact, if a parent on your child’s team does not step up to coach, we will not be able to register the team with SYSI and therefore will have to cancel and refund those registrations.

SYSI also provides lesson plans, drills and activity ideas on their website here.

If I decide to volunteer to coach, do I have to pay for the coach training?

Stonebridge Community Association will pay for any extra training costs that are incurred.

Is there an in-person registration night?

Registration will be online only.

Do I need to buy a new membership?

Stonebridge Community Association memberships run from July 1stto June 30thevery year.  You will need a new membership if you have not purchased one since July 1stof 2018.  Memberships can be purchased online at time of registration.

Can I register late?

If there is room on a team after March 9th, you may be able to register late by contacting Blair or Eric at  Late registrations are subject to a $15 late registration fee.

Why is registration so early?

Saskatoon Youth Soccer requires teams to be submitted by March 25th.  The community association requires time to form teams and find coaches prior to the team submittal.

Are spots limited?

We do not have a limit for on-time registrations (except for the kindersoccer program, which has limited spots available).  If we don’t get enough coaches to volunteer, some players will not be able to play and will be refunded.

Can I make friend requests when registering?

Yes, you may request up to two friends for your child to play with.  Head coaches may request more than two friends.  Please realize that there are a lot of factors that go into forming teams, so these requests are not guaranteed.

Can I get a refund?

You may request a refund prior to March 25th.  Refunds are subject to a $15 administration fee.  After March 25th, we are not able to issue refunds.

When will I get team information?

Your coach should email you by mid-April.  If you don’t receive an email by April 20th, email

I still have questions – who do I contact?

Kinder soccer –

U5 to U9 –